How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You

Published: 11th May 2010
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Learning the truth of how to make a guy fall in love with you is something every woman ought to do. By applying this advice you are going to little by little wrap a man around your finger and have him entirely fascinated by you.

1. Stoke lust by seeming an object of desire
Despite the fact that you like one guy, it doesn't mean that you cannot have more guy friends and have a hectic social life meanwhile.

Many girls make the mistake of thinking that spending all the time with the man they are into will eventually make him fall in love. It could be effective for a little while, but pretty soon he will get bored of you. By having other male friends to go out with and also a hectic social life, your sweetheart will know that more guys are into you. It's still very important to be alone with your target but by remaining independent, your man will see how lucky he is to have you.

2. Keep Pushing, then Pulling and then Pushing again
Just like we said before, guys become bored fairly soon. Repeating the very same stuff over and over all the time with him will make him lose all interest. The most efficient means to keep him interested in you is to variate the amount of attention you give him. Begin by staying in contact and spending time together a lot during a week or two. After that, out of the blue, stop calling so much and don't hang out for about a week for no reason. This will drive your man nuts. You will be in his mind 24/7. How come you suddenly stopped calling, what you're doing, where you are? Next when he thinks that you don't like him, start hanging out and calling again. This is how you manage to make a man fall in love with you, but most importantly, this is the way to make a guy think about you all the time.

3. Do nice stuff for him (without a warning!)
This next bit is very important. It's very hard to make a man fall for you if he believes you don't care about him (which he might if you take {push-pull|pull-push{ to an extreme degree). So you ought to do cool things for him. The key to making this work is to do it out of the blue and not really ask for anything in return. So if you can feel that he had hard day, be there for him. Or perhaps if he just finished University or got a raise, you can prepare a surprise party for him. Just remember that it has to to look improvised and you can't expect him to reciprocate.

By following these 3 guidelines, you will indeed make a guy fall in love with you. Do remember that this takes a little time, it doesn't happen too quickly.

As a conclusion I want tell you: you must know the type of man you're looking for. Don't make him fall for you if you are not going to love him back.

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